Happiness is found within ♡

Driven By Little Dreams

One of the issues we have during the adulting phase is the insecurity and the need for validation – whether or not we are on point. And why not when everyone else are hustling,slaying and enjoying all those good stuffs and we seem to be almost stagnant?

Undeniably every single person faces challenges but for some unfathomable reasons our problems always look bigger, more serious and the others always look trivial and less important. Our situation always looks worse and we wonder why are the others even complaining! They look so much better off. We would be so happy if we had that salary-raise, that promotion, that spouse, that house, that car, those degrees, those friends or that body. We would be so much happier to live in that country, with that community, with that family. Do I even have to mention how social media aids you so much in…

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Source: Pinterest It is a quick writing yet very helpful to start creating my own boundaries. and yes, it is okat to say NO. This is from @mellow.doodles . you can search and surf her stuff in Instagram. I hope this may help you as well. Here they are. Boundaries sound like: I will end … Continue reading Boundaries

Dear A

It was February 21 when the first time you reach me up. Nothing special since I’ve got several similar conversation regarding scholarship and other things relate to it. One thing I remember is, that conversation went smooth which I did not realise it became our further plans, then it lead to create a project. To … Continue reading Dear A

You know what

Hal yang paling menyedihkan saat saya lagi terpuruk adalah, ngebayangin punggung sama kepala saya di usap2 sama almarhumah mama, sambil beliau nina boboin saya sampe tertidur. Setengah rasa sedih saya rasanya pasti sudah terangkat. See you in Jannah ya, ma

A story of Sh Hamza Yusuf Mother

Salam, Barusan saya sedang mencari-cari info bagaimana cara membeli buku internasional yang berbahasa inggris di depositorybook.com. Liat2 apa buku yang saya incar tersedia disana atau tidak. kemudian saya surfing lagi untuk mencari buku-buku yang pernah di rekomendasikan oleh aida azlin di channel youtube nya, yaitu:  Purification the heart by Hamza YusufA guide to Islam by … Continue reading A story of Sh Hamza Yusuf Mother