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I should, no I must !!

Hello Guys! Assalamu’alaykum..

Now and next time, i’ll write and post my blog in English. i thought i have to do it. just  improve my writing skill. i have a weakness in this skill…. hehe.. i guess that you supposed.. don’t you?

i have been conscious of my senior’s blog. my senior in my HighSchool kak yane dalam di sini. she wrote, how to improve English in 70 ways. and one of the way is use English in Blog post.

I know, i should do it for long time ago. But i am afraid, embarrass and feeling inferior over all. 😦
so, i’ll try now. My college friends also have a good communication in foreign language. and i was so EMBARRASS after discuss everything with them.

And do you what the most embarrasing thing ever is? i am a foreign language major college student and i can speak in foreign language? it’s so embarrassing men!
haha.. now i’ve just practice and repetition. becaus the key for master foreign languages are REPETITION and PRACTICE!

remember it! just repetition and practice. and let your environment is not support you yet conservely, you can make it easy. 🙂

Sorry if you could be headache of my post.. haha

enjoying and thank you for coming in my blog.



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