Technopreneur Talk! at ITB

Assalamu’alaykum guys!!
hope Allah always bless you 🙂

i would like to tell my experience in ITB last saturday. yes. The seminar has held in aula barat ITB on 12th May , 1 PM until 7 PM. it takes 6 hours, but i didn’t follow all of  agenda. it’s so danger for me to go home at 7 PM. i have been hear about ‘the dangerous Bandung’ wkwkw.. #lebayyy

Therefore, i must watchful. okay, back to the topic.
i came to the back gate of ITB. i thought i’ll near to the place. but after i asked the security, ITB west hall is in the front gate. “you can go straight until find the big watch and then turn right” said the security. ‘okay pak. thank you! :)’ my respond.

finally,  i found the west hall. after lost in ITB.. haha… no, just kidding. well, ITB is not big enough but a lil bit awesome.. *coerce to admit it -____-”

after registration and get the seminar kit and certificate absolutely, i entered into the hall. and guess,, as Indonesian typical, just a few people who had come -____-” and i has just 1 PM.
shouldn’t they begin the seminar??
and i was alone.. it was an awkward and random moment. you know, i can’t stand in a place which is there are many faces that i’ve never know. so kikuk..hehe
and fortunately, my friend was coming!!! so happyyyy!! hehe

seminar kit, include certificate. i’m not take the picture of certificate

situation in ITB west hall during lunch

actually not friend but my senior in UKM LEPPIM UPI.. but i call friend. . 🙂

continue to the seminar, there are 5 speakers. let me tell the speakers. they are international speakers and they speak in English (certainly)
And i have to open my ears to get what they said. so tired for one typical like me anyway.
i just can a lil bit understand. huhu 😦
it’s (not) good start. huaaahh

1. Takeshi Ebihara
General partner, Batavia Incubator and CEO, Rebright Partners.
a japanese. he said, “startups are often start in campus.”

“to startup, le’s start now, with someone you really trust and work really hard”

 2. Lichi wu
Head of Global Monetization Solutions, Asia Milennial Media
i don’t know exactly what his company aspect is.. *my ears are not sensitive in English maybe
i thought that his company focus on game online. because in his slide, there are game pictures.. hahaha…  *rambles

His Quote

“Struggled to find product/market match fast enough”

3. Karaniya dharmasaputra
Who is he?
he is Editor-in-Chief, Vivanews”
 he has been a Tempo journalis for 8 or 10 years.. *oke, i forgot -___- sorry
and then he made this portal. a news portal. now we can search news in this news portal, isn’t it?
he taught about Google’s laws ;

1. creating open Networks

2. Be a platform

3. Think distributed 


after these 3 speakers presentation and and discuss with audience who had moderatored ny Italo Gani, an italian. he spoke English, italian, indonesian ang sunda Wow…. 🙂

we take a break for lunch/ coffe break and shalat ashar.

and then we continued with the next speakers,

4. Willis Wee
CEO, Tech in asia
i like his presented. he can make the audience stare at him. he has a good presentation. only 15 minutes, he finished his presentation. so cool and humorist.
i learned these from him

“be humble, take a risk, fairness, focus, and solve problems”

5. Rama Mamuaya
CEO Dailysocial
an Indonesian. of course. you can suppose from the name. hehe
he has been trying for 5 times to business. and in technopreneur, he did it! he succeed.

his Quotes

“FOCUS. When you failed, you’ll learn”

okay, it’s enough from my post today. hope you  satisfied  and can take lessons from my chaos writing 🙂

thank you.

“Keep struggling. Keep Fighting. Keep Inspiration”



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