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Positive outlooks and Alitt’s quote today :)

yeay, eh Assalamu’alaykum  all
today , i woke up in the morning and got telephone from teh nurul for Reasearch Institute LEPPIM UPI. yes. i’m one of the committee. we talked anything about Research Institute. well, the agenda will be held on 26th May 2012 saturday at 08 am- 04pm in FPIPS Auditorim 6th floor. don’t hesitate to come UPI’s students 🙂
wish this agenda will be success.. amin 🙂

and today i was searching about IMSS 2012 website. this is a program from FSLDKN Nasional. and the host is GAMAIS ITB. give some applause for them and students around Bandung Raya.

by the way, i joined the international conference. it’ll be a great moment for me. although we have to some pay. but it’s okay for me.

now i’d like to share you guys about some of Today’s quote.
in facebook, i joined with positive outlooks. i recomended this page to all of you. so many motivated quotes here. you will nod after read the page. and the quote will be more interesting. because they frame with a picture. here they are

this pic always makes me laugh and  so motivated and touch :”)

i like the quote of positive outlooks 
find them then.

next.. i read Shitlicious‘s new post in  his blog let check it out.

his writing affected me. he has a good writing and some quote there

this is one of his quote

“Kadang, uang nggak bisa membeli kebahagiaan-kebahagiaan yang tercipta dengan cara sederhana” 

have a nice day guys 🙂
today have to be better than yesterday



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