Semester 4, IP 4

Hello March !!

i hope we’ll be nice…
i’d never thought that the time has pass..
Now i’m sophomore. i’m in second year of my college life. what a life!!
in this August i’ll be 20 years old!! oh my God.. they’ll call me “the 2 heads” hehe..
so i’m not kid. i’m not child, i’m not teenager.. hikss… the time is really kill me if i’m not use it well
see, im still a pampered person. there are an adult side but sometimes i’m just  a kid with all of her stupid

so, in this semester. 4th semester.. everything will be okay..
i pass my ZID. like TOEFL in english. Zid is Zertifikat international Deutsch . to be the first rank.. Ya Allah. amiinnn :’)

and the last my IP will be perfect!! that is 4!!

guys, please send pray to me 🙂

Sei begeistert Ikrim!!!

with Love



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