Be a good one

Abraham Lincoln once said that whatever you are, whoever you are,  be a good person. Both in life, have friends and includes a good leader. Speaking of leadership reminds me of my experience a year ago, when I became the head of the division event on campus. The activity named Indonesian Student Researcher Festival (ISRF), where activities nationwide race venue, invite students to compete themselves in the conduct of research and assessment. As the head of event division, I was required to conceptualize the event as attractive as possible, have interesting ideas for the agenda, the core of the course of events, handle 60 participants and 20 presenters and judges dealing with competition. There are times when I am stressed because of lack of human resources activities while the time is getting closer. Here I have to rack my brain how I along with the staff and the committee could be empowered to the fullest. I am sure I can make it happen through leadership and through small steps but surely and clearly. Also through referrals and good communication within the solid team.
Through this leadership I learned a lot of things, creative thinking and positive thinking. When I started working friend was attacked by negative thoughts, here I must act to wake them that there are many paths and do not worry. I was required to be a person who is spontaneous in giving an idea, a strong will and belief in myself. Always be the first to listen to opinions and complaints from his teammates. And when I was headed, I should be able to develop my own self, such as Jack Welch said: Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you Become a leader, success is all about growing others. –
When our work is done and my team would say, we succeeded. I feel that my life is helpful. When life just for yourself, then it will be very brief and meaningless. But when life is dedicated to another person, he will feel the full meaning. I will always try new things that are useful to be a better person and be a god one. And I believe it.



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