A Daily Note of My Journey

Trip to Saung Angklung Udjo


I have spent my life for 3 years in Bandung and this is the first time where i came to Saung Angklung Udjo. Must i scream??

Absolutely nope.

I have read several news which is in newspaper, television, radio and in internet. At that time i thought that saung angklung udjo must be the place that can i go to. Finally, it happened. Meli, my partner in sharing and discussing accompanied me to go to saung udjo. It was really spontan. We had no idea to come. But my friend since high school ask me to buy “samping or iket” which using by bandung people as traditional clothes. Aber leider, we did not find them. And my friend have to go to japan and that iket or samping are the gift for her host family. I’m sorry nit. And thank you so much memel for brought and accompanied me to saung udjo. this place is wonderful. I wonder someday i’ll go abroad and ask ninit for some help too.. hehehe
Peace nit


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