Teruntuk Kak Yosi

Baru buka-buka blog lagi dan nemu banyak banget draft yang belum di post. termasuk postingan yang ehm, ALAY banget. hoho…

oiya, ini postingan buat kak yosi, lupa lagi pas waktu kapan dan apa. Kayaknya surat buat kak yosi yang mau walimahan deh.. jadi kangen :”)

Dear kak, thank you for being my teacher, sister, mother, mentor and my supervisor. I remember that you woke me up for subuh, and we prayed in congregation. There was immense blessing in it, you’d say. You shared stories of prophets with me, and of the Hasan al-bana movement you were a part of. You would remind me to read Quran and modeled it for me. It was a time when I was still searching for myself and my faith, but you were a constant role model. You echanted me with your faith and your smiles 🙂

Uhibbukifillah kak.


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