Day 5: Your Parents

Whenever I recall memories about parents, it’s gonna be an enormous blessings I have had from them. Actually I had talked about them in the last two posts about how grateful I am to have them and my regret for not being a good daughter for them. Since five years old of my childhoods, I didn’t live with my parents. I grew up without them assisting my curiosity, my puberty and my question about dream and life. Back then, I didn’t know how to be friends with anyone, I started to avoid people and enjoyed myself alone. Furthermore, I used to go home directly after the school is over, daily. Due to the fact that I lived in a village which takes 30 minutes by angkot (traditional public transportation) in my hometown, so I don’t want to left behind and waiting for an hour for the next “vehicle”.

Initially, I am not talking about my struggle. I’d like to tell you about my hypothesis on how parents dua (prayer) could affected our journey in the future. I do believe that our dua to our future children are heard by Allah, and one day if you’re able to have children, Allah will make it true those duas for your children. Why do I talk this topic?

As a young girl who doesn’t know anything unless their opinion which is lack of experience, it was easy for me being influenced bad habit by wrong friend and in liberal environment. Gladly, I have never wanted to try any certain thing which teenagers in my age wanted to do such as having boyfriend/girlfriend, smoking, gambling, engaged in a gang fight, badmouthing each other, etc. After growing up very well, whenever I see a good kids, a brilliant one, the kid who obeyed to their parents, who could memorize quran correctly, and love their parents and their siblings, I always prayed one of their attitude could be applied to my future children. Then I realized, perhaps this is one of the way why Allah still is protecting me from any bad influence. Probably my parent was praying for good things for me in the future and it was far far away before I was born to the world. In conclusion, I do believe dua is powerful even your dua can deliver to the one who haven’t born into the world yet. Don’t stop to pray because dua/prayer is muslim greatest power given by Allah.

May Allah protect us and our family and gather us in Jannah. Aamiin


Ikrim in Pariaman, 23:03

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