When your best friends make a joke

Well, I actually want to talk about my besties. They’re my bestfriend from CCI Program and I am soooo grateful to have them as my good companion before, during, and after the program ended. Alhamdulillah tsumma Alhamdulillah. So, we have a weekly meeting through whatsapp call or video call which suppose to learn Quran because after coming back to Indonesia, we felt that our heart soo empty and needed a charge of Imaan. Fortunately they pointed on me to be the teacher or spiritual teacher and teach them about our weekly talks. The reason why they wanted me to be “the ustadzah” maybe due to my appearance whom cover myself with hijab and maybe I have learned a lot about islamic knowledge since in the middle school. Initially, I am still on going learner to be the bestest of myself, my dunya and my akhirah. 

Lets jump in to the talk. Last week was our 11th week of our Quran Circle. Sometimes we call it “Kajian” or “Liqo” or “ketemuan tapi online”. hei, it was the first time of our new another CCI bestie who joined our meeting as well. Now there are six of us. The super rempong sisters of deen. haha. Nah, after talking about quran weekly chapter 11 which  talked about how the quraisy people insult Islam, we had another chatter. This discussion source is from Quran Weekly series by Ustadz Nouman Ali Khan, Juz 11. You can search it by using keyword: Quran Weekly Series. 

After 30 minutes of discussion about the theme, we moved to private weekly chit-chat which apparently we talked about our agony of life in a week! haha! And to be frank, we spent more time to have a chit chat rather that the serious part which is this actually our main reason to have our circle sustainable. I usually became a listener just because I have been talking about the main theme for 30 minutes and it drained my energy #introvertslife . Frankly, I like to talk (a loott)  to someone whom I comfortable with. Fun Fact, almost all of us are in the late 20’s and early 30’s and we are single ladies. haha! You know what’s our talks actually, huh? yes, it’s about marriage. By chance, I shared with them about what should I do next month in my younger sister’s wedding about my singleness. Just in case people would love to ask me about that boring question! Their answers were super hilarious! they said:

“hei, you can rent a boyfriend!”

“That’s right, I can call someone to be your date buddy”

“I remember this person, you can pay him and pretend to be your future husband”

“No no, don’t this ugly man. he’s is unreasonable and norak”

What a super ridiculous advices! But I love the way they entertain me as a bestfriend! I was thinking that they would say “be patient please, yang sabar yah kamu”. 

It was a big NO! I am very grateful for trusting them by sharing my worries. As you know, mostly we don’t need an advice even an ugly advice. All we need is the ears and the jokes from them. The way they understand your perspective is already a healing and then you can setting up your next step to your problems.

I shared this chatter to my sister and she said that it is the true relationship between me and my friends and it reminded her of one of the scenes in Reply 1988 Drama. When Cho Taek lost for the first time in his Baduk Competition, he was very upset. Then his best friend came to his house and pretended that it’s not a big deal. Finally cho taek received his first lost after all the winning time. It was great time to celebrate it and cho taek was not upset anymore! 

I 100 percent agree toward my sister’s analogy. I know how Cho Taek feelings and it has no correlation to your advices, dude! Unless your best friend ask for help and advice, you can go on giving your words!

In the end, what we need is someone to listen, he/she sits down next to you, and know how to make a smart joke in front of you! I pray may you find a good friend like I had!

Rainy January, PRM, ID

Ikrim Maizana

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